Q. What was the objective of Raleigh Commission of 1902?

[A] Agricultural reforms

[B] Curtailing powers of Crime Investigation Department (CID)

[C] University reforms

[D] Currency Reforms

Answer: C

Indian Universities Act, 1904: The dawn of 20th century saw political unrest. The official view was that under private management the quality of education had deteriorated and educational institutions acted as factories producing political revolutionaries.  

  • Nationalists accepted the decline in quality but accused the Government of not doing anything to eradicate illiteracy. 
  • In 1902, Raleigh Commission was set up to go into conditions and prospects of universities in India and to suggest measures for improvement in their constitution and working.  
  • The commission precluded from reporting on primary or secondary education. Based on its recommendations, the Indian Universities Act was passed in 1904. 

Source: Spectrum’s A Brief History of Modern India.