Q. Which among the following battle was fought by Akbar?

[A] Battle of Panipat I

[B] Battle of Agra

[C] Battle of Haldighati

[D] Battle of Khanwa

Answer: C

Mewar and Marwar were the two Rajput kingdoms that defied the Mughal Empire.  

  • After the death of Rana Udai Singh, his son Rana Pratap Singh refused to acknowledge Akbar’s suzerainty and continued to fight the Mughals till his death in 1597.  
  • The Battle of Haldighati in 1576 was the last pitched battle between the Mughal forces and Rana Pratap Singh.  
  • In Marwar (Jodhpur), the ruler Chandra Sen, son of Maldeo Rathore, resisted the Mughals till his death in 1581, though his brothers fought on the side of the Mughals. 

Source: Tamil Nadu state board.