Q. Which among the following is the original name of Shah Jahan?

[A] Salim

[B] Khurram

[C] Dara Shikoh

[D] Farid

Answer: B


  • In 1611, Jahangir married Mehrunnisa who was known as Nur Jahan (Light of World). Her father Itimaduddauala was a respectable person.
  • He was given the post of chief diwan. Other members of her family also benefited from this alliance. Nur Jahan’s elder brother Asaf Khan was appointed as Khan-i-Saman, a post reserved for the nobles. In 1612, Asaf Khan’s daughter,
  • Arjumand Banu Begum (later known as Mumtaj), married Jahangir’s third son, prince Khurram (later Shah Jahan).

Source: Tamil Nadu Board Class 11