Q. Which among the following treaty was signed the latest

[A] Treaty of Sagauli

[B] Treaty of Lhasa

[C] Treaty of Gandamak

[D] Durand Agreement

Answer: B

Relations of British India with Neighboring Countries:

· Anglo-Nepal Relations (Treaty of Sagauli, 1816)

· Anglo-Burma Relations

ü First Anglo-Burma War, 1824-26

ü Second Anglo-Burma War, 1852

ü Third Anglo-Burma War, 1885

· Anglo-Tibetan Relations

ü Treaty of Lhasa (1904)

· Anglo-Afghan Relations

ü Forward Policy of Auckland

ü First Anglo-Afghan War (1839-1842)

ü John Lawrence’s Policy of Masterly Inactivity

ü Lytton and the Policy of Proud Reserve

ü Second Anglo-Afghan War (1870-80)

ü Treaty of Gandamak (May 1879)

· North-West Frontier

ü Durand Agreement (1893)

Source: Spectrum’s A Brief History of Modern India.