Q. Which Bahmani king won the fortress of Golkonda from the state of Warangal?

[A] Bahman Shah II

[B] Mohammed I

[C] Mohammed Gawan

[D] Mohammed I

Answer: B

Rivalry with the Vijayanagar kingdom over the fertile Raichur doab, lying between the Krishna and Tungabhadra rivers, not only marked the early history of the Bahmani kingdom, but continued to be an enduring feature over two centuries.

  • Bahman Shah had also to contend in the east with the rulers of Warangal and Orissa.
  • Mohammed I succeeded Bahman Shah. There was a decade-long war with Vijayanagar, most of which related to control over the Raichur doab.
  • Neither side gained lasting control over the region, in spite of the huge fatalities in battles. Two bitter wars with Vijayanagar gained him nothing.
  • But his attack on Warangal in 1363 brought him a large indemnity, including the important fortress of Golkonda and the treasured turquoise throne, which thereafter became the throne of the Bahmani kings.

Source: Tamil Nadu state board.