Q. Which kingdom among the following practiced Palayakkarar system that gave an early resistance to the British conquest of Southern India?

[A] Bahamani Dynasty

[B] Chola Dyansty

[C] Vijayanagara Kingdom

[D] Kakatiya Dynasty

Answer: D

The origin of the Palayakkarar (poligari) system dates back to the 1530s. It is believed that this system was practiced earlier in Kakatiya kingdom of Warangal.  

  • The literal meaning of Palayakkarar is the holder of a camp as well as the holder of an estate on military tenure.  
  • Prior to the enforcement of this system Servaikarars and Talayaris collected fees for police work.  
  • After the creation of palayams, the Servaikarars turned Palayakkarars and subordinated Talayaris to their authority. 

Source: Tamil Nadu state board.