Q. Which Mughal ruler stopped the celebration of Muharram in his reign?

[A] Babur

[B] Aurangzeb

[C] Shah Jahan

[D] Bahadur shah Zafar

Answer: B

Explanation: Religious Policy:

  • Aurangazeb was a staunch and orthodox Muslim in his personal life. His ideal was to transform India into an Islamic state.
  • He created a separate department to enforce moral codes under a high-powered officer called Muhtasib. Drinking was prohibited.
  • Cultivation and use of bhang and other drugs were banned.
  • Aurangazeb forbade music in the Mughal court. He discontinued the practice of Jarokhadarshan. He also discontinued the celebration of Dasarah and royal astronomers and astrologers were also dismissed from service.
  • Initially Aurangazeb banned the construction of new Hindu temples and repair of old temples. Then he began a policy of destroying Hindu temples. The celebrated temples at Mathura and Benares were reduced to ruins. In 1679, he reimposed jiziya and pilgrim tax. He was also not tolerant of other Muslim sects. The celebration of Muharram was stopped. His invasions against the Deccan sultanates were partly due to his hatred of the Shia faith.
  • He was also against the Sikhs and he executed the ninth Sikh Guru Tej Bahadur. This had resulted in the transformation of Sikhs into a warring community.

Source: Tamil Nadu Board Class 11