Q. Which of the following committee is related to anti-defection law?

[A] Halim Committee

[B] Santhanam Committee

[C] Bhagwan Sahay Committee

[D] None

Answer: A

The Dinesh Goswami Committee on Electoral Reforms, the Law Commission of India and the National Commission to Review the Working of the Constitution has recommended a review of the anti-defection law.  

  • The issues arising out of the decisions given by different Presiding Officers and the interpretation of the law by various courts were discussed at the Conferences of Presiding Officers of Legislative Bodies in India as well.  
  • In view of the near unanimity among the Presiding Officers for a review of the law, the then Speaker of Lok Sabha and Chairman of the Conference, Shri G.M.C. Balayogi constituted in October 1998 a Committee of Presiding Officers headed by the Speaker of the West Bengal Legislative Assembly, Shri Hashim Abdul Halim, to go into different aspects of the matter.  
  • The Committee presented its Report in February 2003 recommending inter alia that the provisions relating to splits and mergers be deleted from the Tenth Schedule; the terms ‘voluntarily giving up membership’ and ‘political party’ are definedd; and that a time frame is laid down for decisions on the anti-defection cases. 

Source: Laxmikanth