Q. Which of the following committees are headed by the Prime Minister?
1.The Political Affairs Committee
2.The Economic Affairs Committee
3.Parliamentary Affairs
Committee How many of them given above are correct?

[A] Only one

[B] Only two

[C] Only three

[D] None

Answer: B

Explanation: The following four are the more important cabinet committees:

  1. The Political Affairs Committee deals with all policy matters pertaining to domestic and foreign affairs.
  2. The Economic Affairs Committee directs and coordinates the governmental activities in the economic sphere.
  3. The Appointments Committee decides all higher-level appointments in the Central Secretariat, Public Enterprises, Banks and Financial Institutions.
  4. The Parliamentary Affairs Committee looks after the progress of government business in Parliament.

The first three committees are chaired by the Prime Minister and the last one by the Home Minister.

Of all the Cabinet Committees, the most powerful is the Political Affairs Committee, often described as a “Super-Cabinet”.

Source: Laxmikanth’s Polity