Q. Which of the following country first to introduce “zero-base budgeting (ZBB)”?

[A] New Zealand

[B] United States of America

[C] Germany

[D] Australia

Answer: B

Explanation: The idea of zero-base budgeting (ZBB) first came to the privately owned organization of the USA by the 1960s.

  • This basically belonged to a long list of guidelines for managerial excellence and success, others being Management by Objectives (MBO), Matrix Management, Portfolio Management, etc. to name a few.
  • It was the US financial expert Peter Phyrr who first proposed this idea for government budgeting and Jimmy Carter, Governor of Georgia, USA was the first elected executive to introduce ZBB to the public sector.
  • When he presented the US Budget in 1979 as the US President it was the first use of the ZBB for any nation state. Since then, many governments of the world have gone for such budgeting.

Source: TMH Ramesh Singh