Q. Which of the following Indo-Greek King erected a pillar or garuda-dhvaja with its capital adorned by a figure of Garuda, in honour of God Krishna (Vaasudeva)?

[A] Heliodorus

[B] Menander

[C] Demetrius II

[D] Euthydemus

Answer: A

Another Indo-Greek king whose name is remembered is Antialcidas (or Antialkidas), c. 110.  

  • He is known to us primarily because his emissary, Heliodorus, who was sent to the court of King Bhagabhadra erected a pillar or garudadhvaja with its capital adorned by a figure of Garuda, in honour of God Krishna (Vasudeva).  
  • Heliodorus had evidently become a follower of Vishnu. (The pillar stands in isolation in the middle of an open ground in Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh.) 

Source: Tamil Nadu state board.