Q. Which of the following Institution was replaced by NITI Aayog?

[A] National Development Council

[B] National Integration Council

[C] Planning Commission

[D] Zonal Councils

Answer: C

Explanation: By mid-2014, India did show a quite strong mandate and a very stable government came at the Centre.

  • We find the new government showing a renewed vigour and zeal in several areas.
  • One such area has been its attempts at ‘redefining’ the federal polity of the country for the purpose of promoting growth and development.
  • We see a pronounced policy shift in the direction of ‘empowering and keeping state in front’ by giving them more financial space and responsibilities.
  • Keeping its promises in the direction, the government abolished the Planning Commission (PC) and replaced it by a new body—the NITI Aayog.
  • The acronym NITI stands for National Institution for Transforming India.

Source: TMH Ramesh Singh