Q. Which of the following is/are the feature/s of 73rd amendment act, 1992?
1.Act added Part-IX to the Constitution of India.
2.Article 243 has provisions related to local governance.
3.Tenth schedule added to the constitution.
How many of the statements given above are correct?

[A] Only one

[B] Only two

[C] Only three

[D] None

Answer: B

Explanation: 73rd amendment act has added a new Part-IX to the Constitution of India.

  • This part is entitled ‘The Panchayats’ and consists of provisions from Articles 243 to 243 O.
  • In addition, the act has also added a new Eleventh Schedule to the Constitution. This schedule contains 29 functional items of the panchayats.

Source: Laxmikanth’s Polity