Q. Which of the following is not a Greenhouse gas?

[A] CO2

[B] Ozone

[C] N2O

[D] SO2

Answer: D

Explanation: Greenhouse Effect:

  • The solar energy trapped by the earth atmosphere and radiate it slowly so to cover our earth with a warm blanket.
  • This is the natural process of the greenhouse effect on earth to maintain its temperature and makes the earth perfect for life.
  • Greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, other greenhouse gases are methane, water vapour, nitrous oxide, CFCs and ozone.
  • Values of radiation absorbed by the greenhouse gases are as follow:
GasValue of absorption in percentage
Ozone10.2 %
Methane16.3 %
Carbon Dioxide56.4 %
Nitro Oxide 5.4 %

Global warming:

  • If the amount of greenhouse gases crosses by delicate proportion, the natural greenhouse balance may get disturbed and there is a continuous rise in temperature of the earth by trapping the solar heat continuously.
  • This creates the overall effect of Global warming.

Source: Shankar