Q. Which of the following is not a train running between India and Bangladesh?

[A] Maitree Express

[B] Samjhauta Express

[C] Bandhan Express

[D] Mitali Express

Answer: B

Explanation: Rail Links between India and Bangladesh

  • Bandhan Express: It was resumed by rebooting a long-forgotten rail link between Kolkata and the industrial hub of Khulna, the 3rd-largest city of Bangladesh. In 1965, this route was served by the Barisal Express which was stopped due to the India-Pakistan war.
  • Maitree Express: It runs between Kolkata and Dhaka Cantonment.
  • Mitali Express: It will connect New Jalpaiguri in North Bengal with Dhaka. This train was announced by PM during his visit to Dhaka in March 2021.

Source: EPIC June 2022