Q. Which of the following is the first municipal corporation of India?

[A] Madras

[B] Bombay

[C] Calcutta

[D] Mysore

Answer: A

Explanation: The institutions of urban local government originated and developed in modern India during the period of British rule. The major events in this context are as follows:

  1. In 1688, the first municipal corporation in India was set up at Madras.
  2. In 1726, the municipal corporations were set up in Bombay and Calcutta.
  3. Lord Mayo’s Resolution of 1870 on financial decentralization visualized the development of local self-government institutions.
  4. Lord Ripon’s Resolution of 1882 has been hailed as the ‘Magna Carta’ of local self-government. He is called as the father of local-self-government in India.
  5. The Royal Commission on decentralization was appointed in 1907 and it submitted its report in 1909. Its chairman was Hobhouse.

Source: Laxmikanth Polity