Q. which of the following is the objective of 6th schedule of the constitution?

[A] To protect the interest of border states.

[B] To protect the interest of schedule tribes.

[C] To allocate power and functions between Union and States.

[D] To allocate seats for states and UTu2019s in Rajya Sabha.

Answer: B

About 6th Schedule 

  • The Constitution of India makes special provisions for the administration of the tribal dominated areas in four states namely Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and Mizoram. 
  • As per article 244 and 6th Schedule, these areas are called “Tribal Areas”, which are technically different from the Scheduled Areas under fifth schedule. 
  • The Governors of these four states are empowered to declare some tribal dominated districts / areas of these states as autonomous districts and autonomous regions. 
  • It provides for the creation of autonomous District and Regional Councils in these tribal areas and they enjoy a certain degree of administrative, legislative, judicial and financial autonomy. 

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