Q. Which of the following is the objective of “e-Chhawani portal”?

[A] To provide online access to the people living in the remote areas.

[B] To provide online services to the cargo ships docking at Indian ports.

[C] To provide the residents of cantonments to avail basic online services.

[D] To provide online educations to the urban poor to skill them for the employment.

Answer: C

Explanation – e-Chhawani portal aims to provide online municipal services to more than 20 lakh citizens across 62 Cantonment Boards. Through the portal, the residents of cantonment areas will be able to avail basic services such as; the renewal of leases, application for birth & death certificates, water & sewerage connections, trade licences, mobile toilet locators and payment of different types of taxes and fees.

Source: ForumIAS