Q. Which of the following is the philosophy propounded by Adi Sankara?

[A] Advaita

[B] Dvaita

[C] Shudh dvaita

[D] Visistavaita

Answer: A

Fundamentally, Sankara’s Advaita or non-dualism had its roots in Vedanta or Upanishadic philosophy.  

  • His attempts to root out Buddhism and to establish smarta (traditionalist) mathas resulted in the establishment of monasteries in different places viz., Sringeri, Dvaraka, Badrinath, and Puri, which were headed by Brahmin pontiffs.  
  • Sankara looked upon Saiva and Vaishnava worship as two equally important aspects of the Vedic religion.  
  • Monastic organization and preservation of Sanskrit scriptures were the two major thrusts of Sankara School. 

Source: Tamil Nadu state board.