Q. Which of the following scale measures the intensity of an earthquake?

[A] Richter Scale

[B] Mercalli Scale

[C] Pycnometer

[D] None

Answer: B

Explanation: Measuring Earthquakes:

  • The earthquake events are scaled either according to the magnitude or intensity of the shock.
  • The magnitude scale is known as the Richter scale. The magnitude relates to the energy released during the quake. The magnitude is expressed in numbers, 0-10.
  • The intensity scale is named after Mercalli, an Italian seismologist. (The Mercalli Scale is based on observable earthquake damage. From a scientific standpoint, the magnitude scale is based on seismic records while the Mercalli is based on observable data which can be subjective).
  • The intensity scale takes into account the visible damage caused by the event. The range of intensity scale is from 1-12.
  • NOTE: A pycnometer allows measuring the volume and the density of solid objects in a non-destructive manner.

Source: NCERT Class 11