Q. Which of the following statement is correct regarding “Rajmargyatra application”?

[A] It empowers travelers with comprehensive information on Indian National Highways while also offering an efficient complaint redressal system

[B] It helps in gathering information about the economic activities of a particular location

[C] It provides crucial data and alerts to travelers by identifying and marking potential accident information points at various locations along the road

[D] It ensures smooth movement of goods vehicles on National Highways by alerting the driver about jams and alternate routes

Answer: A

Explanation – The app serves as a one-stop repository of essential information for National Highway users. Get real-time weather conditions, timely broadcast notifications, and access to details about nearby toll plazas, and other essential services that ensure a seamless and safe journey on National Highways. The app comes equipped with an inbuilt complaint redressal and escalation mechanism.

Source: ForumIAS