Q. Which of the following statements about Preamble is incorrect?

[A] Economic liberty is embodied in the preamble to the constitution of India.

[B] It reflects the mind of the makers of the Constitution of India.

[C] u2018Political Justiceu2019 as one of the objectives of the Indian Constitution has been provided in the preamble.

[D] It is a part of the Constitution but has no legal effect.

Answer: A
  • The American Constitution was the first to begin with a Preamble. Many countries, including India, followed this practice.
  • The term ‘Preamble’ refers to the introduction or preface to the Constitution. It contains the summary or essence of the Constitution. N.A. Palkhivala, an eminent jurist and constitutional expert, called the Preamble as the ‘identity card of the Constitution.’
  • The Preamble to the Indian Constitution is based on the ‘Objectives Resolution’, drafted and moved by Pandit Nehru, and adopted by the Constituent Assembly.

It has been amended by the 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act (1976), which added three new words–Socialist, Secular and Integrity



  • Kesavananda Bharati Case:In this case, for the first time, a bench of 13 judges was assembled to hear a writ petition.
  • The Court held that:The Preamble of the Constitution will now be considered as part of the Constitution but won’t be having any legal effect.

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