Q. Which of the following statements correctly describes the effect of principle of cumulative causation, on the economy and society?

[A] Those, who have more wealth than others, can accumulate even more wealth.

[B] Those, who are poor compared to others will also get wealthy in a short period of time.

[C] It is the principle used by government for the redistribution of wealth in an economy.

[D] Those, who have accumulated wealth, would be taxed heavily.

Answer: A

By the principle of cumulative causation, which is a natural law of societal governance, those who have more wealth, knowledge and power than others can accumulate even more because they have the power to fix the rules. Thus, inequalities will increase both within and among nations, as they have. The winners who benefit the most from the game urge others to continue with it. Until they begin to lose, that is, when they walk off the field with the ball.