Q. Which of the following text provides the information of irrigation facilities at the time of Guptas?

[A] Nitisara

[B] Narada Smriti

[C] Paharpur copper plate inscription

[D] Brihaspati Smriti

Answer: B

The importance of irrigation to agriculture was recognised in India from the earliest times.  

  • From the Narada Smriti, we understand that there were two kinds of dykes: the bardhya, which protected the field from floods, and the khara, which served the purpose of irrigation.  
  • To prevent inundation, jalanirgamah (drains) were constructed, which is mentioned by Amarasimha.  
  • Canals were constructed not only from rivers but also from tanks and lakes. The most famous lake was the Sudarsana Lake at the foot of Girnar Hills in Gujarat. 

Source: Tamil Nadu state board.