Q. Which of the following Vedic God is known as ‘Vritrahanta’?

[A] Varun

[B] Indra

[C] Rudra

[D] Brahma

Answer: B

Explanation: The Vedic God Indra is known as ‘Vritrahanta’.

  • The Rig Vedic Aryans worshipped the natural forces like earth, fire, wind, rain and thunder.
  • They personified these natural forces into many gods and worshipped them.
  • Indra was the most important God of the Aryans and was lord of war.
  • 250 hymns have been devoted to only Indra in Rigveda which is highest for any of the Gods.
  • Indra is mentioned as son of Dyaus.
  • He is considered as the rain God (responsible for causing rain).
  • He is also called as Purandhara (breaker of forts), Maghavan (bounteous), and Vritrahanta (Slayer of Vritra, chaos).
  • He killed a demon Vritra, so he is known as Vritrahanta.

Source: NCERT