Q. Which one of the following, describe the term ‘Mahabhiraskramana’?

[A] The great going forth

[B] The wheel of the great law

[C] The Members of the Great Community

[D] Believers in the Teachings of the Elders

Answer: A


  • Overcome by remorse at the misery of people, he left his palace in the dead of night in search of eternal truth. He rode in his chariot pulled by his favourite horse Kanthaka and driven by his charioteer Channa far away from the city.
  • He cut his hair and sent it along with his discarded garments and jewellery to his father. This is known as Mahabhiraskramana or the Great Going Forth.
  • After 49 days of meditation, he attained enlightenment, at the age of 35. Thereafter, he came to be called Buddha or the Enlightened.
  • He then delivered his first sermon in a deer park in Sarnath near Varanasi. This event is described as Dharmachakra-parivartana or ‘wheel of the great law’. He spoke about the Four Noble Truths and the Middle Path.
  • He established Sangha and spread his ideas far and wide. Buddha and his followers travelled for eight months of the year and stayed at a place for four months of the rainy season. At the age of 80, he passed away in Kusinagara.
  • This is known as Parinirvana.

Source: Tamil Nadu State Board Class 11