Q. Which one of the following is a filter feeder?

[A] Catfish

[B] Octopus

[C] Oyster

[D] Pelican

Answer: C

Why this question: 

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  • Important Static topic : pollution abatement 

Ans) c 

Exp) Option c is correct. 

Option c is correct. Oysters are natural filters. They capture the particles of size as small as 4 micrometers  on their gills. Their gills act as filter which is self-cleaning.  

Generally, water get filtered by something which is static so that water can easily pass through them and get filtered. Pelicans, Catfish and Octopus are large organisms. Oysters are small organisms,found cemented to rocks or other hard substrates.  

Source) https://phys.org/news/2021-03-filter-feeding-bivalves-microplastics.html  



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