Q. Which one of the following is NOT a principle of “Panchsheel”?

[A] Non-alignment

[B] Peaceful Co-existence

[C] Mutual respect for each otheru2019s territorial integrity and sovereignty

[D] Mutual non-interference in each otheru2019s internal affairs

Answer: A

Explanation: Panchsheel:

Panchsheel implies the five principles of conduct in international relations. It was embodied in the Preamble of the Indo-China Treaty on Tibet, signed in 1954 by Jawaharlal Nehru and Chou-En-Lai, the Chinese Premier. The five principles were:

  1. mutual respect for each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty;
  2. non-aggression;
  3. non-interference in each other’s internal affairs;
  4. equality and mutual benefit; and
  5. peaceful co-existence

Source: UPSC PYQ