Q. Which one of the following is not the astangika marga of the Buddhism?

[A] Right Love

[B] Right Speech

[C] Right Action

[D] Right Thought

Answer: A

Explanation: Buddha’s Middle or Eightfold Path

  1. Right Views;
  2. Right Resolve;
  3. Right Speech;
  4. Right Conduct;
  5. Right Livelihood;
  6. Right Effort;
  7. Right Recollection;
  8. Right Meditation.
  • Hence Buddha did not mention or talk about God. He neither accepted nor denied the existence of God. Buddhism advocated equality.
  • It preached non-violence or ahimsa and love towards all. However, it was a moderate religion compared to Jainism’s insistence on ahimsa.
  • It promoted trade and capitalism as it was against waste and advocated frugality. Jobs involving any form of killing were forbidden. Trade in weapons, living beings, meat, liquor and poison were not permitted.

Source: Tamil Nadu State Board Class 11