Q. Which one of the following state produces largest number of orchids in India?

[A] Assam

[B] Arunachal Pradesh

[C] Meghalaya

[D] Sikkim

Answer: B


  • The highest number of orchid species is recorded from Arunachal Pradesh with 612 species, followed by Sikkim 560 species and West Bengal; Darjeeling Himalayas have also high species concentration, with 479 species.
  • While north-east India rank at the top in species concentration, the Western Ghats have high endemism of orchids.
  • There are 388 species of orchids, which are endemic to India of which about one-third (128) endemic species are found in Western Ghats. The publication point out that Kerala has 111 of these endemic species while Tamil Nadu has 92 of them.

Source: https://www.thehindu.com/sci-tech/energy-and-environment/india-is-home-to-1256-species-of-orchid-says-first-comprehensive-survey/article28429797.ece