Q. Who among the following assumed the title “ekarat” in Ancient India?

[A] Ashoka

[B] Ajatashatru

[C] Mahapadma Nanda

[D] Udayin

Answer: C

Explanation: Nandas:

  • The fame of Magadha scaled new heights under the Nanda dynasty. Their conquests went beyond the boundaries of the Gangetic basin and in North India they carved a well-knit and vast empire.
  • Mahapadma Nanda was a powerful ruler of the Nanda dynasty. He uprooted the kshatriya dynasties in north India and assumed the title ekarat.
  • The Puranas speak of the extensive Conquests made by Mahapadma.
  • The Hathigumpha inscription of Kharavela of Kalinga refers to the conquest of Kalinga by the Nandas. Many historians believe that a considerable portion of the Deccan was also under the control of the Nandas. Therefore, Mahapadma Nanda may be regarded as a great empire builder.

Source: Tamil Nadu state Board Class 11