Q. Who among the following assumed the title of “Gangaikondachola”?

[A] Rajaraja I

[B] Uttama Chola

[C] Rajendra I

[D] Vijayalaya

Answer: C

Explanation: In 1022 CE, Rajendra I led an expedition to the north, crossed the Ganga following the same route which was taken by the great conqueror Samudragupta and defeated the Pala ruler, Mahipal I and the Western Chalukyas.

  • To commemorate this occasion, he assumed the title of Gangaikondachola (meaning ‘the Chola conqueror of Ganga’) and established a new capital named Gangaikondacholapuram (meaning ‘the city of the Chola conqueror of the Ganga’) near the mouth of the river Kaveri.
  • He built a Shiva temple here and excavated a tank called Chodagarg.

Source: Poonam Dahiya