Q. Who among the following built Vittalaswamy and Hazara Ramaswamy temples at Vijayanagar?

[A] Harihara

[B] Sri Ranga III

[C] Krishna Deva Raya

[D] None of the above

Answer: D


Explanation: Krishna Deva Raya (1509 – 1530)

  • The Tuluva dynasty was founded by Vira Narasimha.
  • The greatest of the Vijayanagar rulers, Krishna Deva Raya belonged to the Tuluva dynasty.
  • He possessed great military ability.
  • His imposing personality was accompanied by high intellectual quality. His first task was to check the invading Bahmani forces.
  • He repaired most of the temples of south India.
  • He also built the famous Vittalaswamy and Hazara Ramaswamy temples at Vijayanagar. He also built a new city called Nagalapuram in memory of his queen Nagaladevi. Besides, he built a large number of Rayagopurams.

Source: Tamil Nadu Board Class 11