Q. Who among the following founded the Gupta Dynasty?

[A] Sri Gupta

[B] Ghatotkacha Gupta

[C] Chandragupta I

[D] Samudragupta

Answer: A

Explanation: The first ruler of the Gupta Empire was Sri Gupta (240–280 CE) who was succeeded by his son Ghatotkacha (280–319 CE).

  • Both Sri Gupta and Ghatotkacha are mentioned as Maharajas in inscriptions.
  • Chandragupta I, the son of Ghatotkacha, ruled from 319 to 335 CE and is considered to be the first great king of the Gupta Empire.
  • Chandragupta held the title of maharaja-adhiraja (great king over other kings).
  • His imperial position is inferred from the records of others. No inscriptions or coins have survived from his reign.

Source: Tamil Nadu NCERT