Q. Who among the following holds the title of ‘Fateh Haider Bahadur’?

[A] Haider Ali

[B] Quli Qutub Shah

[C] Fateh Muhammad

[D] Tipu Sultan

Answer: A

Haider’s father Fateh Muhammad was the Faujdar (garrison commander) of Kolar. After his death Haider’s soldierly qualities helped him to rise through the military ranks.  

  • By 1755 he had secured a powerful position, commanding 100 horsemen and 2000 infantry men.  
  • Haider suppressed an army mutiny in Mysore and restored the places of the Mysore kingdom occupied by Marathas. He received the title of “Fateh Haider Bahadur” or “the brave and victorious Lion”.  
  • In 1760 Haider allied himself with the French at Pondicherry against the English, but his position at home was endangered by the plot engineered by the Marathas. 
  • In 1770 the Mysore king Nanjaraja was poisoned to death and Haider’s hand was suspected.  
  • Thereafter Wodeyar kings functioned only as nominal rulers. The real royal authority vested in Haider. 

Source: Tamil Nadu state board.