Q. Who among the following holds the title of Yamini-ud-Daulah?

[A] Mahmud Ghazni

[B] Iltutmish

[C] Balban

[D] Sabuktigin

Answer: A

Sabuktigin initiated the process of southward expansion into the Indian subcontinent.  

  • He defeated the Shahi ruler of Afghanistan, Jayapal, and conferred the governorship of the province on Mahmud, his eldest son. When Sabuktagin died in 997, Mahmud was in Khurasan.  
  • Ismail, the younger son of Sabuktagin had been named his successor.  
  • But defeating Ismail in a battle, Mahmud, aged twenty-seven, ascended the throne and the Caliph acknowledged his accession by sending him a robe of investiture and by conferring on him the title Yamini-ud-Daulah (‘Right-hand of the Empire’). 

Source: Tamil Nadu state board.