Q. Who among the following is proposed the first blueprint of Indian planning?

[A] M. Visvesvaraya

[B] N.R. Sarkar

[C] Ramaswamy Mudaliar

[D] John Mathai

Answer: A

Explanation: The credit of proposing the first blueprint of Indian planning is given to the popular civil engineer and the ex-Dewan of the Mysore state, M. Visvesvaraya.

  • In his book The Planned Economy of India, published in 1934, he outlined the broad contours of his plan proposal.
  • His ideas of state planning were an exercise in democratic capitalism (similar to the USA) with emphasis on industrialisation—a shift of labour from agricultural to industries, targeting to double the national income in one decade.
  • Though there was no follow up by the British government on this plan, it aroused an urge for national planning among the educated citizens of the country.

Source: TMH Ramesh Singh