Q. Who among the following lived at the court of Akbar?

[A] Sur Das

[B] Kalidas

[C] Vallabacharya

[D] Chaitanya

Answer: A

Sur Das lived at the court of Akbar and was popularly known as the blind bard of Agra. Sur Das is believed to have been a disciple of Vallabacharya who was a Vaishnava preacher in the Sultanate period.  

  • Vallabhacharya was the founder of Pushtimarga (way of grace). Sur Das preached religion of love and devotion to a personal God. 
  • He wrote inspiring and moving poems, Hindi poems about Lord Krishna. Krishna’s bal lila constitutes the first great theme of Sur Das poetry.  
  • According to him, love is a sublimated theme representing the irresistible attraction of the gopis of Brindavan towards Krishna.  
  • The intensity of passion displayed by the gopis is an expression of the natural attraction of the human spirit towards the divine soul.  
  • His popular works are Sur Sagar, Sur Saravali and Sahitya Lehari. His monumental work Sur Sagar or Sur’s Ocean is a story of Lord Krishna from the birth to the departure for Mathura. 

Source: Tamil Nadu state board.