Q. Who among the following used Firdausi’s Shah Namah as a model in composing Zainavilas?

[A] Shrivara

[B] Vasugupta

[C] Amir Hassan

[D] Bhattavatara

Answer: D

Delhi Sultanate did not hamper the progress of Sanskrit Literature. Sanskrit continued to be the language of high intellectual thought.

  • The Sanskrit schools and academies established in different parts of the empire continued to flourish.
  • The classical Sanskrit inscription (Pala Baoli) of 1276 in Delhi claims that due to the benign rule of Sultan Balban God Vishnu sleeps in peace in the ocean of milk without any worries.
  • The influence of Arabic and Persian on Sanskrit literature was felt in the form of translations.
  • Shrivara in his Sanskrit work Kathakautuka included the story of Yusuf and Zulaika as a Sanskrit love lyric.
  • Bhattavatara took Firdausi’s Shah Namah as a model for composing Zainavilas, a history of the rulers of Kashmir.

Source: Tamil Nadu state board.