Q. Who among the following was formulated the “Gandhian Plan”?

[A] Sriman Narayan Agarwal

[B] Lala Sri Ram

[C] Purshotamdas Thakurdas

[D] Avdeshir Dalal

Answer: A

Explanation: Espousing the spirit of the Gandhian economic thinking, Sriman Narayan Agarwal formulated The Gandhian Plan in 1944.

  • The plan laid more emphasis on agriculture. Even if he referred to industrialisation, it was to the level of promoting cottage and village-level industries, unlike the NPC and the Bombay Plan which supported a leading role for the heavy and large industries.
  • The plan articulated a ‘decentralised economic structure’ for India with ‘self-contained villages.

Source: Ramesh Singh