Q. Who among the following was introduced the “Subsidiary Alliance System”?

[A] Thomas Munro

[B] William Bentinck

[C] Governor General Wellesley

[D] Warren Hastings

Answer: C

Explanation: Before Wellesley, the Company concluded alliances with Indian princes. The Nizam and the Nawab of Oudh received subsidies for the maintenance of British contingents.

  • Such forces were generally stationed outside the State concerned. Payment was made in cash. Difficulties arose when the payments were not promptly paid.
  • Wellesley broadened the scope of this arrangement by his Subsidiary Alliance System, bringing under it Hyderabad, Mysore, Lucknow, the Maratha Peshwa, the Bhonsle (Kolhapur) and Sindhia (Gwalior).

Source: Tamil Nadu NCERT