Q. Who among the following was made relentless efforts to pass the Age of Consent Act (1891)?

[A] Govind Mahadeo Ranade

[B] Narmadashankar Labhshankar Dave

[C] B.M. Malabari

[D] D.K. Karve

Answer: C

Explanation: The Native Marriage Act (or Civil Marriage Act), 1872 signified legislative action in prohibiting child marriage.

  • It had a limited impact as the Act was not applicable to Hindus, Muslims and other recognised faiths.
  • The relentless efforts of a Parsi reformer, B.M. Malabari, were rewarded by the enactment of the Age of Consent Act (1891) which forbade the marriage of girls below the age of 12.

Source: Tamil Nadu NCERT