Q. Who among the following was not associated with the Alipore conspiracy case?

[A] Barindra Ghosh

[B] Ullaskar Dutt

[C] Narendra Gosain

[D] Bala Gangadhar Tilak

Answer: D

Explanation: The whole Anushilan group was arrested including the Ghosh brothers, Aurobindo and Barindra, who were tried in the Alipore conspiracy case, variously called Manicktolla bomb conspiracy or Muraripukur conspiracy.

  • (Barindra Ghosh’s house was on Muraripukur Road in the Manicktolla suburb of Calcutta.)
  • The Ghosh brothers were charged with ‘conspiracy’ or ‘waging war against the King’ – the equivalent of high treason and punishable with death by hanging. Chittaranjan Das defended Aurobindo.
  • Aurobindo was acquitted of all charges with the judge condemning the flimsy nature of the evidence against him.
  • Barindra Ghosh, as the head of the secret society of revolutionaries and Ullaskar Dutt, as the maker of bombs, were given the death penalty which was later commuted to life in prison.
  • During the trial, Narendra Gosain (or Goswami), who had turned approver and Crown witness, was shot dead by two co-accused, Satyendranath Bose and Kanailal Dutta in jail.

Source: Spectrum Modern India