Q. Who among the following was the Bahmani KIndgom?

[A] Hasan Gangu

[B] Mahmud Gawan

[C] Muhammad Shah I

[D] Ahmad Wali Shah

Answer: A

Explanation: Bahmani Kingdom:

  • The founder of the Bahmani kingdom was Alauddin Bahman Shah also known as Hasan Gangu in 1347. Its capital was Gulbarga.
  • There were a total of fourteen Sultans ruling over this kingdom.
  • Among them, Alauddin Bahman Shah, Muhammad Shah I and Firoz Shah were important.
  • Ahmad Wali Shah shifted the capital from Gulbarga to Bidar. The power of the Bahmani kingdom reached its peak under the rule of Muhammad Shah III. It extended from the Arabian sea to the Bay of Bengal.
  • On the west it extended from Goat to Bombay. On the east, it extended from Kakinada to the mouth of the river Krishna. The success of Muhammad Shah was due to the advice and services of his minister Mahmud Gawan.

Source: Tamil Nadu Board Class 11