Q. Who among the following was the first ruler to pay his soldiers in cash?

[A] Ashoka

[B] Balban

[C] Gautamiputra Satakarni

[D] Alauddin Khalji

Answer: D

Ala-ud-din was the first Sultan to pay his soldiers in cash rather than give them a share of booty.  

  • As the soldiers were paid less, the prices had to be monitored and controlled. Moreover, Ala-ud-din had to maintain a huge standing army.  
  • In order to restrict prices of essential commodities, Ala-ud-din set up an elaborate intelligence network to collect information on black-marketing and hoarding.  
  • The transactions in the bazaars, the buying and selling and the bargains made were all reported to the Sultan by his spies.  
  • Market superintendents, reporters and spies had to send daily reports on the prices of essential commodities.  
  • Violators of the price regulations were severely punished. If any deficiency in weight was found, an equal weight of flesh was cut from the seller’s body and thrown down before his eyes! 

Source: Tamil Nadu state board.