Q. Who among the following was the ruler of Calicut when Vasco Da Gama arrived in 1498?

[A] Zamorin

[B] Bahamani Shah

[C] Shah Jahan

[D] Krishnadevaraya

Answer: A

The arrival of three ships under Vasco Da Gama, led by a Gujarati pilot named Abdul Majid, at Calicut in May 1498 profoundly affected the course of Indian history.

· The Hindu ruler of Calicut, the Zamorin (Samuthiri), however, had no apprehensions as to the European’s intentions.

· As the prosperity of his kingdom was due to Calicut’s position as an entrepot, he accorded a friendly reception to Vasco Da Gama.

· The Arab traders, who had a good business on the Malabar Coast were apprehensive and were not keen on the Portuguese getting a hold there.

Source: Spectrum’s A Brief History of Modern India.