Q. With reference to 8th August, 1942 in Indian history, which one of the following statements is correct?

[A] The Quit India Resolution was adopted by the AICC.

[B] The Viceroy Executive Council was expanded to include more Indians.

[C] The Congress ministries resigned in seven provinces.

[D] Cripps proposed an Indian Union with full Dominion Status once the Second World War was over.

Answer: A

Why this Question) As part of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav to mark 75th year of Independence, there was an exhibition to mark the 79th anniversary of Quit India Movement. 

Ans) a 

Exp) Option a is correct. 

Statement a is correct. The Quit India resolution was adopted in Bombay in August, 1942, by AICC (All India Congress committee) at Gowalia Tank. 

Statement b is incorrect. More Indians were added to Viceroys executive council by Government of India Act 1919. First time, an Indian was added in this council by Government of India act 1909. 

Statement c is incorrect. Congress resigned from ministries in 7 provinces in 1939 as they decided not to support war as India could not be party to a war for democratic freedom while that freedom was being denied to India. 

Statement d is incorrect. Yes, Cripps proposed a dominion status to India, but this was not related to 8 August 1942. 

Source) Spectrum Revised edition 2019 chapter-23 page-448 

Subject) History