Q. With reference to European powers in India, who among the following introduced Blue Water Policy?

[A] British

[B] Portuguese

[C] French

[D] Danish

Answer: B

In 1505, the King of Portugal appointed a governor Francisco De Almeida in India for a three-year term and he was asked to consolidate the position of the Portuguese in India and to destroy Muslim trade by seizing Aden, Ormuz and Malacca. 

  • Francisco de Almeida wanted that Portuguese should maintain supremacy on sea and confine their activities to purely commercial transactions and to realize his vision he implemented Blue water policy.  
  • The Blue Water Policy was the fortification of Indian Ocean, not for the security but for the establishment of Portuguese business in the Indian Ocean. 
  • The Blue water policy was reversed by Alfonso de Albuquerque. 

Source: Spectrum Modern India.