Q. With reference to fourth century B.C. Alexander of Macedonia used which among the following pass to enter India?

[A] Banihal pass

[B] Khyber pass

[C] Zojila pass

[D] Pir Panjal pass

Answer: B


  • In the fourth century BC, the Greeks and Iranians fought for the supremacy of the world. Under the leadership of Alexander of Macedonia, the Greeks finally destroyed the Iranian empire.
  • Alexander conquered not only Asia minor and Iraq but also Iran.
  • The Indian campaign of Alexander the Great began in 327 BC.
  • Following the conquest of Iran, Alexander moved on to Kabul, from where he marched to India through the Khyber pass in 326 BC.
  • It took him five months to reach the Indus.
  • Ambhi, the ruler of Taxila, readily submitted to the invader, augmenting Alexander’s army and replenishing his treasure.
  • When he reached the Jhelum, Alexander encountered the first and the strongest resistance from Porus.
  • Although Alexander defeated Porus, he was impressed by the bravery and courage of the Indian prince.
  • He, therefore, restored his kingdom to him and made him his ally.
  • He then advanced as far as the Beas River.
  • He wanted to move still further eastward, but his army refused to accompany him.

Source: Tamil Nadu state Board Class 11