Q. With reference to Industrial development of India in 18th century, the term “Kunjali Maraikkars” is associated with?

[A] Naval chiefs

[B] Revenue collectors

[C] Merchant Bankers

[D] Trade supervisiors

Answer: A

The Kunjali Marakkars were maritime merchants of Arab descent who supported the trade in the Indian Ocean who settled in the coastal regions of Kayalpattinam, Kilakarai, Thoothukudi, Nagore and Karaikal.  

  • With the emergence of the Portuguese in India, some Marakkars were forced to take up arms and enlist themselves in service of the Hindu king (the zamorin) of Calicut.  
  • The Marakkar naval chiefs of the Calicut were known as Kunjali Marakkars. 

Source: Spectrum Modern India.